The members of Agrawal Samaj become a blessing for the students of Sai Ranga Vidya Sansthan, Mysore, as they distribute hearing aids to the needy

November 03: As for some people life is beautiful and full of joy, for some it may be a little difficult. Being able to solve all the existing problems and living a good life is something a person always strives to achieve. However, life is not the same for all. Having the convenience to meet […]


Arjun Chopra’s The Helping Hand NGO has reached a critical milestone of 5K volunteers in India and abroad

The Helping Hand, a non-governmental organisation (NGO) that works for the health and nutrition of impoverished children, education for the poor, and animal welfare, has reached a significant milestone by strengthening its network in India and internationally with over 5,000 volunteers and administrators in two years of its establishment. Arjun Chopra, 18, who started The […]