Traversing the world to make a center in Goa for sustainable development

Harsha Saxena attending the AGM of Indo-French Chamber of Commerce (IFFCI) at Mumbai New Delhi (India), September 1: Many colleges and universities have come up with conducting courses on CSR, sustainability and allied areas. The first one is curated by Harsha Saxena for a Pune-based university on MBA in CSR. In the past, many corporations conducted […]


Illuminating Perfection: Dr. Mohita Sharma’s ENTEgrity Ushers in a New Era of LASIK Precision and Safety

Dr.Mohita Sharma, MBBS MD Ophthalmology New Delhi (India), September 1:  In a world that thrives on visual experiences, the quest for crystal-clear eyesight has taken a monumental leap forward. Dr. Mohita Sharma, a visionary Co-Founder with 35 years of ophthalmic expertise, has unveiled ENTEgrity—a dynamic startup poised to revolutionize LASIK (Laser-Assisted In Situ Keratomileusis) surgeries. […]


Providing Expert Business Plans, Financial Projections, and Marketing Solutions to Fuel Success

New Delhi (India), September 1: The competitive landscape of modern entrepreneurship demands strategic thinking, precision execution, and a strong market presence. With a multifaceted approach encompassing business planning, financial projections, and cutting-edge marketing solutions, Zen Consulting propels its clients toward sustainable growth. Shweta is a business consultant and the Founder of Zen Consulting. She comes […]


Transform Your Outdoor Space with WPC Exterior Louvers: A Complete Guide Introduction

Chennai (Tamil Nadu) [India], September 1: With the concept of outdoor living catching up fast, people keep looking for ways to transform their exterior spaces into something aesthetic, functional, and appealing. Among the various distinct architectural solutions that help achieve this, WPC external louvers are a popular and versatile choice. WPC Louvers WPC louvers, also known […]


Stay Up-to-Date with Cricket News: Introducing SBB Times, Your One-Stop Destination

Cricket News: Introducing SBB Times, Your One-Stop Destination SBB Times offers a seamless experience of 1-click cricket news and comprehensive stats under one digital roof for cricket aficionados. Let’s explore how this has become the go-to platform for cricket aficionados. New Delhi (India), September 1: Keeping up with the latest news, scores, and statistics is a […]