SOP Writing Services for University and Visa Applications

New Delhi (India), September 23: Millions of people want to study in the top-ranked and most prestigious universities in foreign countries as it will bring a lot of career opportunities for them when they return to their home countries.  The majority of the students want to visit the USA, the UK, Canada, Australia, etc. in […]


Fashion Meets Media: NIFT Gandhinagar’s Workshop Dazzles with Style and Insights!

In a fusion of fashion and journalism, the National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) Gandhinagar joined forces with the Gujarat Media Club for an extraordinary workshop entitled “Making Sense of Fashion/Fashion Reporting.” Spearheaded by the visionary Prof. Dr. Sameer Sood, Director of NIFT Gandhinagar and Gujarat Media Club, this event was a resounding success. The […]


Shri Narendra Modi Ji’s Decisive Leadership: A Transformative Odyssey By Snehaashish Pathak

Shri Narendra Modi Ji’s Decisive Leadership: A Transformative Odyssey New Delhi (India), September 23: At the epicenter of India’s political landscape, a formidable leader emerged in 2014, armed with a visionary narrative set to reshape India’s destiny and propel it into greatness. Shri Narendra Modi Ji, the 14th Prime Minister of India, embarked on a […]


International Travel Industry Bounces Back: A Resilient Journey After Challenges, Joy-n-Crew Vacations’ event becomes a success story for the tourism industry

New Delhi (India), September 23: In the face of unprecedented challenges, the global tourism industry is emerging as a phoenix from the ashes. Last five years of covering the ever-evolving tourism landscape, it’s inspiring to witness the remarkable bounce-back this sector is experiencing. Over the past couple of years, the tourism industry faced its most […]


Empowering Minds, Bridging Worlds: BYJU’S continues its commitment to inclusivity and education

Chennai (Tamil Nadu) [India], September 23: BYJU’S, one of the leading Ed-Tech companies, orchestrated a heartwarming celebration of International Sign Language Day in collaboration with the students of Dr. MGR Home and Higher Secondary School for the Speech and Hearing Impaired on 11th September 2023. This event was a heartfelt tribute to the rich culture and significance of […]


Inner Peace, Outer Joy: The Journey to Stress and Anxiety Reduction

Today’s fast-paced life is all about staying abreast, meeting deadlines, multitasking and so on, resulting in high stress and anxiety levels. Chronic stress leads to the release of stress hormones in the body, and prolonged exposure to such hormones results in anxiety and depression. This in turn affects your peace of mind, work–life balance, and, […]


Banking Dreams Realized – Choosing the Finest IBPS Coaching Centre in Chennai

Chennai (Tamil Nadu) [India], September 23: The first step to realizing your dream of a banking career in India is finding the best IBPS coaching center in Chennai. Most youngsters, after completing their basic academic education, today crave an IT job, thinking that they can move up the career ladder quickly and reach great heights in just […]

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Varmora Plastech’s Commitment to India: Healthy & Homegrown Products and Millions of Jobs

Ahmedabad Gujarat [India], September 23: Varmora Plastech is leading the plastic industry in India through its consumer and environment-friendly plastic products. Their mission is to promote healthy and convenient lifestyles across India, while also creating employment opportunities for thousands of skilled and unskilled workers alike. Varmora Plastech, contradicting the general shaming of plastic for its […]


“PM Modi has become a role model for several world leaders”: EAM Jaishankar

New Delhi (India), September 23: Acknowledging the widespread popularity of Prime Minister Narendra Modi among international dignitaries, Union External Affairs Minister Dr S. Jaishankar said that the former has become “a sort of a role model for several world leaders.” In a candid conversation with India TV Chairperson and Editor-in-Chief Rajat Sharma, the EAM said that […]


KTCC’s Bengaluru Edition of Silicon Valley HR Summit: A Remarkable Triumph in HR Advancement

Bengaluru (Karnataka) [India], September 23: Under the esteemed leadership of Mr. Abdul Musaddiq, President of the Karnataka Traders Chamber of Commerce (KTCC), the organization achieved a resounding success with its Bengaluru Edition of the Silicon Valley HR Summit, held on September 21, 2023, at the exquisite Hotel Royal Orchid, Bengaluru. This summit marked a significant […]