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5 Amazing benefits of Chhattisgarh Herbal’s Chyawanprash: Know why Chyawanprash is best

5 Amazing benefits of Chhattisgarh Herbal’s Chyawanprash: Know why Chyawanprash is best Raipur (Chhattisgarh) [India], November 7: Maximize the Chyawanprash benefits with the right time to enjoy its goodness. Amidst the forest lush greenery, there exist minor forests of Chhattisgarh that harmonize with indigenous tribal communities; a brand with an extraordinary purpose emerges – “Chhattisgarh Herbals.” […]


Fugitives In The Mountains-A crime thriller Novel By D.K.Chauhan

New Delhi (India), November 6: D.K. Chauhan has retired from a managerial post in a job with a top PSU in India. The author always had a flair for writing, but job constraints did not allow enough spare time. After his retirement, he decided to pursue his passion and dreams and delved into writing to pursue […]


Increase in Moissanite purchase post covid, insights revealed by Anopchand Tilokchand Jewellers Pvt. Ltd

The COVID-19 pandemic had a significant impact on many industries, including the jewelry industry. With Gold and Diamond rates skyrocketing, Moissanite comes as a savior for people with limited financial resources. Moissanite is known for its remarkable hardness and brilliance, making it the most popular and alternative choice after diamonds. When it comes to choosing […]


Introducing “Starry Secrets Show”: Gen-z Style Podcast Extravaganza

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], November 7: In a world inundated with podcasts, finding a show that combines riveting celebrity secrets with quality content is a rare gem. Enter the “Starry Secrets Show,” a dazzling podcast that is set to redefine the art of celebrity gossip and discussion. The grand premiere of the show is scheduled for […]


Tirtho Banerjee’s ‘Standstill’: A Journey Through Memory and Emotion

New Delhi (India), November 7: ‘We are nothing but our memories and all that we experience in our life.’ Tirtho Banerjee’s fifth poetry collection ‘Standstill’ encapsulates this thought and goes beyond. It is not just a chequered journey of recollections but also a quest to rediscover the lost feelings and revive some buried emotions. Tirtho, who […]


Popular Film And Literature personalities emerged again under Yathakatha International Film & Literature Festival Season 2

Yathakatha International Film & Literature Festival Season 2 Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], November 7: A collaborative initiative of cinema & literature festival by Yathakatha Private Limited, a leading media company based in Mumbai, headed by Charru Sharma recently concluded their 4 days festival titled YathaKatha International Film & Literature Festival Season 2, in L.S. Raheja college of […]


Mohaan Nadaar at TPHQ pays tribute to the power of nine women filmmakers under one roof

New Delhi (India), November 7: Team Production HQ (TPHQ) headed has announced a bouquet of films helmed by nine talented women filmmakers. In an industry often dominated by male voices, these directors promise to make a mark in the world of cinema. Interestingly, eight of them are first-time directors. Founder Ketki Pandit says, “The aim […]


Celebrating the Super 9 Influencer MOMS, 2023: UpTodd’s Tribute with 127+ E-news partners

New Delhi (India), November 7: In a world filled with inspiring narratives and remarkable stories, there’s a group of exceptional women. These super influencer mothers have not only embraced the profound role of motherhood but have also harnessed their influence to become the ‘Super 9 Influencer MOMS, 2023.’ They have made a lasting impact on […]


Cutting Chai Season 3: A Spectacular Showcase of Youth Talent

Jaipur (Rajasthan) [India], November 7: Treta Marketing and Services Private Limited, in collaboration with Ellen College of Design, is thrilled to announce the successful culmination of Cutting Chai Season 3 – an electrifying open mic competition aimed at providing a platform for young and talented individuals to display their skills. Held on November 5, 2023, […]


Silicon Rental Solutions secures a work order from an International Broadcasting Channel

The order involves 250 laptops on a rent-to-purchase basis, along with essential services Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], November 7: Silicon Rental Solutions Limited, India’s premier rental provider of IT products has successfully secured a new order from an International Broadcasting Channel.  The order involves equipping their new office with 250 laptops on a rent-to-purchase basis, along with essential services, […]