Niner Pharmaceuticals Unveils MedTech 9ER Application for Global Healthcare Transformation

Dubai [UAE], February 10: Leading pharmaceutical company Niner Pharmaceuticals, founded by entrepreneur Jami Balaji Rao, is poised to transform the healthcare landscape with innovative solutions and medicines. Aiming to bridge the gap between traditional methods and modern demands, Niner is developing the revolutionary “9ER Virtual Healthcare App.” 9ER is a virtual healthcare platform that helps patients […]


“Because She Can” Secures Three Wins at the 2024 Anthem Awards

New Delhi [India], February 10: At the 2024 Anthem Awards, “Because She Can ” achieved Gold in Community Outreach, Silver in Community Event – in the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion category along with The Anthem Community Voice Award. This non-profit movement, spearheaded by Divya Jain and YFLO Delhi committee members, garnered recognition for its impactful […]


Spectropy: Story of Overcoming Adversities and Transforming Education

New Delhi [India], February 10: In the vibrant city of Hyderabad, an agent of innovation illuminates the education landscape. Founded in 2017 but formally registered in 2022, Spectropy is a testament to visionary leadership and dedication. Spearheaded by Mr Gundemoni Naresh, Mr Krishnaiah Narva, and Mrs Sumathi Donda, Spectropy is not merely a company but a catalyst for […]


Dr JP Singh Sahni mentors MICQ for 5th Guinness World Record

Chennai (Tamil Nadu) [India], February 10: It was a proud moment for Mother India’s Crochet Queens (MICQ) when it bagged the prestigious Guinness World Record Award for the Fifth time on Feb 4 at a gala function at SRM University in Kattan Kulathur in Chennai. This was made possible with the efforts of Ms. Subashri […]


Inspiring Minds, Conquering Words: Mind Wars Spell Bee 2023 Unveils Its Champions!

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], February 10: The highly anticipated Mind Wars Spell Bee India 2023 finale took place at Noida Film City Sector 16 A, where students from classes IV to IX showcased their command over challenging English spellings. The national-level competition was organized by Mind Wars, an edutainment initiative of Zee Entertainment Enterprises Ltd, which brought together […]