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Sangri Internet Founder Junjaram Thory to Launch New Services for Musical Artists and Labels

Jaipur (Rajasthan) [India], June 18: In a groundbreaking move set to revolutionize the music industry, Sangri Internet, a leading mediatech, infotainment, and digital public relations company, has announced the launch of a comprehensive suite of services specifically designed for musical artists and labels. This initiative, spearheaded by the company’s visionary founder Junjaram Thory, will commence […]

Growth Investing Smallcases: Redefining Wealth Management with Smallcases for Common Investor

Bharat Saga Makes Grand Comeback: Founder Responds to Public and Agency Demand

CEAT Specialty Collaborates with Kalki 2898 AD for the Launch of Futuristic Tyres for AI Vehicle

Shivalic Excels In Fostering Demand For Tech Enabled Panels


Upcoming WHO Resolution must galvanize action to tackle preventable Maternal and Child Mortality

Geneva (Switzerland), May 22:  The Global progress on improving maternal, newborn, and child survival has stalled. In an article published in The Lancet, Ali Hajji Adam, Ministry of Health, Somalia (AHA) and Mekdes Dab, Ministry of Health, Ethiopia stated that many regions of the world continue to experience persistently high rates of maternal and child mortality, and despite improvements […]

World’s First Multiomics Lab to be Established in Bangalore: Vizzhy CEO Dr. Vishnuvardhan Unveils Groundbreaking Initiative

Girl Effect Announces Appointment of Alex Kuruvilla to the Global Board of Directors


Dr Hemachandran Ravikumar is appointed as Ambassador of the Royal Society of Biology, London

Chennai [India], June 19: Indian Scientist Dr Hemachandran Ravikumar has been appointed as the New Foreign Ambassador of The Royal Society of Biology, London, for his outstanding contributions in the field of Bio-Science, Microbiological Studies and Neuro-Science. Dr Hemachandran Ravikumar is the First appointed Indian Ambassador to serve as the Ambassador of The Royal Society of Biology. Previously on the […]

Calm James Vince Has Been Pivotal to Gulf Giants Impressive Start at ILT20, Says Head Coach Andy Flower

G20 Updates: Peace20 Goes to India for 2023

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Record-Breaking Peripheral Neuropathy Screenings by CORONA in Neuropathy Awareness Week

Ahmedabad (Gujarat) [India], June 17: Ahmedabad-based CORONA Remedies, a pharmaceutical company dedicated to promoting good health for all, has set Asia record for screening the highest number of patients for peripheral neuropathy using a biothesiometer in a single week. Recognised by the Asia Book of Records, this remarkable feat was accomplished from May 5 to 11, 2024 which is observed globally as Neuropathy Awareness Week. The achievement underscores the importance of health awareness and highlights the impact of coordinated health efforts. A team of CORONA Remedies screened 21,012 patients with the help of 1,231 doctors at neuropathy detection camps across India during

Is ABHA Changing Healthcare Management in India?

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], June 14: In today’s fast-paced world, many patients diligently maintain their health yet often neglect the crucial aspect of managing their health records. This oversight can create a significant information gap between doctors and patients, hindering accurate diagnosis and effective treatment. Despite advancements in healthcare, many individuals still store their medical records in cabinets or under mattresses, leading to frantic searches through piles of files during critical moments. The solution to this issue lies in the adoption of digital health record management. A digital app can be a true lifesaver, especially during stressful times or emergencies. For instance,

Understanding Acne: Causes and Effective Treatments

New Delhi (India), June 12: Acne, a common skin condition, affects millions of people worldwide, regardless of age or gender. From pesky pimples to severe cysts, acne can impact self-esteem and quality of life. However, with proper understanding and treatment, managing acne is possible. What Causes Acne? Acne develops when hair follicles become clogged with oil and dead skin cells. Several factors contribute to its formation: 1. Hormonal Changes: Fluctuations in hormone levels, commonly during puberty, menstruation, pregnancy, and menopause, can stimulate oil production, leading to acne. 2. Genetics: Family history plays a significant role in acne development. If your parents had acne, you’re

Kosmoderma introduces cutting-edge technologies at their newest clinic launch in Mumbai

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], June 10:  Leading dermatology clinic Kosmoderma Skin, Hair & Body Clinic inaugurated their newest clinic in Mumbai. With this new addition they introduced high-end state-of-the-art technologies in the Indian aesthetic dermatology industry. Founded in the year 2005 with a vision to offer safe and effective solutions for skin, hair and body concerns, Kosmoderma has gained a reputation for its superb efficiency and significant results. With each of their clinics they have brought on board the most renowned experienced professionals, expert guidance and groundbreaking technology to create a new wave in the aesthetic beauty industry. A strong advocate of catering

Designer Ravi Rajoria’s Stunning Collection Won Hearts at Delhi Times Fashion Week

New Delhi (India), June 6: he Delhi Times Fashion Week 2024 was held at The Grand Hotel in Delhi, where designer Ravi Rajoria showcased his exquisite collection with models taking to the ramp. The models’ walks, paired with Rajoria’s beautiful collection, captivated all attendees. In Ravi Rajoria’s slot, showstopper Viren Verma, showstopper Divya Dutta, and show opener Monica Ahuja, along with other models, dazzled on the ramp. Speaking to the media, Ravi Rajoria stated, “My team and I have always aimed to launch our unique collection while also promoting the models to help them advance in their careers.” Ravi also expressed

Dr. Raina Massey’s profile with a focus on empowering health internationally

New Delhi (India), June 5: In the dynamic realm of global healthcare shortage, Dr. Raina Massey stands as a beacon of innovation, compassion, and expertise, dedicated to advancing health and wellness on a global scale. With a diverse background spanning medicine, research, and healthcare management, Dr. Massey’s visionary leadership transcends geographical boundaries, leaving an indelible mark on healthcare systems worldwide. This comprehensive exploration delves into Dr. Massey’s extraordinary journey, highlighting her remarkable achievements and her unwavering commitment to empowering individuals and communities to achieve optimal health and well-being across borders. A Global Vision for Healing Hailing from the vibrant cultural tapestry of

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Taylor Elizabeth: The Elegance Advisor Transforming Lives with Emotional Intelligence and Etiquette

New Delhi (India), June 18: Taylor Elizabeth Bodrie Perramond, known as “The Elegance Advisor,” is an award-winning expert in Emotional Intelligence, Etiquette, and Image Advisory. She holds a diploma in Etiquette and Protocol from Institut Villa Pierrefeu, an MBA in International Business from The George Washington University, and a Master’s in European, Russian, and Eurasian […]


HelpAge India report reveals majority of India’s elders are not prepared for their later years

Bengaluru (Karnataka) [India], June 18: HelpAge India, today on the eve of ‘World Elder Abuse Awareness Day’ (June 15) released its national 2024 report – ‘Ageing in India: Exploring Preparedness & Response to Care Challenges’ followed by panel discussions with various stakeholders from the private sector, government, community and the international social sector, at the […]


The True Significance of International Day of Yoga

While the celebration of the “International Day of Yoga” has become an integral part of the global calendar, especially in India, its true significance lies within our souls. New Delhi (India), June 18: The inherent meaning of ‘yoga’ or ‘yog’ is ‘union with God’ which is the true union that all souls are innately seeking. […]


New Age of Facial & Mani Pedi Professional Use Products designed for Indian Skin Type by SeaSoul Cosmeceuticals

New Delhi (India), June 17: For over 12 years, SeaSoul® Cosmetics has been a trusted name in the beauty industry, renowned for delivering top-quality skincare products. Their latest monodose professional use facial & mani-pedi range have recently received rave reviews for their effectiveness in enhancing beauty and providing remarkable results. These new age product range is […]


Merino’s Environmental Ode on World Environment Day Extends with Plantation Drives in Hapur And Halol

Merino’s plantation drive around World Environment Day! New Delhi (India), June 17: Merino Industries Ltd., a leader in surface solutions, emphasizes environmental and social responsibility as a core part of its business operations. This commitment was reaffirmed on 5th June 2024, World Environment Day, through dedicated plantation drives in their manufacturing units at Hapur and […]