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OKNO By Eyewearlabs Emerges as India’s Premier Sunglasses Powerhouse

CEO, Mehul Jakharia with Brand Ambassador Rannvijay Singha New Delhi (India), December 8: Prepare to witness a revolution in eyewear as OKNO By Eyewearlabs emerges not just as a brand but as a movement. Bid farewell to conformity and join the wave of trendsetting with OKNO, where each pair of sunglasses is a unique designer piece tailored for […]

World’s Highest Enduro Mountain Biking Race Takes Place in Tawang, Arunachal Pradesh

Union Minister for Women and Child Development, Smt. Smriti Irani, to grace the 3rd edition of MentorMyBoard’s Women Directors Conclave

Gypsum Innovation: USGKnauf  and TERI Showcase Energy-Efficient Construction at 15th GRIHA Summit

Rey Cera Creation to unveil India’s largest 60×120 cm GVT plant in Morbi


Dr Hemachandran Ravikumar is appointed as Ambassador of the Royal Society of Biology, London

Chennai [India], June 19: Indian Scientist Dr Hemachandran Ravikumar has been appointed as the New Foreign Ambassador of The Royal Society of Biology, London, for his outstanding contributions in the field of Bio-Science, Microbiological Studies and Neuro-Science. Dr Hemachandran Ravikumar is the First appointed Indian Ambassador to serve as the Ambassador of The Royal Society of Biology. Previously on the […]

Calm James Vince Has Been Pivotal to Gulf Giants Impressive Start at ILT20, Says Head Coach Andy Flower

G20 Updates: Peace20 Goes to India for 2023


Mountaineer Kamal Kaur Gains Greece Trifecta at the Spartan World Championship

Heads to Everest base camp with World’s Highest OCR for an obstacle course race followed by a marathon down, early this month New Delhi/Greece, November 12: It seems an unstoppable journey for Mountaineer Kamal Kaur in the coming months. After gaining her 13th Trifecta at the Spartan Trifecta World Championships, held at Sparta Greece, the Mecca of […]

New GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ title as the Most Registered Blood Donation with over 70,000 Blood Donors in South Korea

Documentary on International Cooperation for Peace in Mindanao Premieres in the Philippines

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Under 15 football match winners organised by Bharat Player Championship Delhi!”

New Delhi (India), December 7: Congratulations to the Bharat Player Championship Delhi for successfully organizing the highly anticipated match on 3rd December 2023! The Under 15 Team Tournament was filled with intense competition and showcased the incredible talent of young football players.  A special shoutout to the JJ Champion Football Team for securing the 1st winning prize! Your hard work and you truly deserve this victory.  We would also like to extend our congratulations to the Delhi Eagles Team for securing the 2nd position. Your performance was outstanding, and you should be proud of your achievement.  Last but not least, a big round

Affordable Luxury Fragrances by Maryaj Perfumes to empower the Gen Z

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], December 7: Maryaj Perfumes aims to revolutionize the personal grooming landscape by delivering high-quality fragrances that are both affordable and empowering. The Indian Millennials and GEN Z customers want luxurious quality, transparency and more gender-neutral scents; Maryaj Perfumes is all that and more! Primarily driven by the evolving preferences of the younger generation, Maryaj Perfumes recognizes the shifting dynamics and aspirations of the Gen Z and Millennial demographic and has ingeniously tailored its perfumes to cater to their unique desires.  At the heart of Maryaj Perfumes lies the commitment for inclusivity and self-expression. As an embodiment of authenticity, Maryaj Perfumes

Introducing AAPLI – The Ultimate Destination for Hassle-Free Motorcycle Booking and Purchase

AAPLI:  A One-Stop Solution for Hassle-Free Motorcycle Booking and Purchase India, November 30, 2023 – In today’s time, purchasing a motorcycle or bike can often be an inconvenient process for customers due to several reasons, including hidden charges, the complexity of navigating multiple options, and uncomfortable negotiations with dealers. These inconveniences often deter potential buyers from making informed choices. To address and eliminate these problems that buyers commonly face, AAPLI.IN, an innovative online platform has recently been launched. With the tagline “Yours Own Store”, AAPLI is set to revolutionize the motorcycle and bike purchasing experience for customers. By serving as a trusted intermediary between motorcycle

Bhanot Hiralal is appointed as Assistant Grand Master of Nishkin Monks Kung-Fu Universe Institute, India

Bhanot Hiralal ‘s initial training in Kung-Fu was started at the age of seven years and completed under his teachers Srinivas Lakawat and Sai Master. Later, under the supervision of Universal Grand Master Galla Prakash Rao, he learnt ancient Indian arts of which 18 types of martial arts, no one has learned so far in India in the past 30 years.  Hiralal Banoth, having mastered Tai Chi, Kung-Fu, etc., was able to cure millions of people all over the country and made them completely healthy. He cancelled many operations in two Telugu states using medical Tai Chi and life education and

The Benefits of Using WPC Plank for Minimalist Exterior Look

Chennai (Tamil Nadu) [India], November 30: Modern minimalism is recognized for its simplicity, clarity, functionality, and reliance on essential elements. It features clean lines and a restrained color palette, and abides by the principle that “less is more”. Minimalist Exterior Design Minimalist exterior design creates a sleek, modern, and organized look. Uncluttered entryways, large windows, open spaces, geometric design elements, functional landscaping, and sustainable design are its hallmarks.  WPC Planks for Minimalist Exterior Design When it comes to modern exterior materials, WPC planks, with their smooth surfaces and clean lines, have grabbed the attention of architects and designers. As a revolutionary wood–plastic composite material, WPC

Pilgrimaide Pooja Shoppe- A Women-Empowered Spiritual Entrepreneurship

New Delhi (India), November 29: Pilgrimaide Pooja Shoppe is truly a Women Empowered Spiritual Entrepreneurship that has had an exciting journey for last seven years, Originating as an e-commerce portal ( It expanded its horizons to retail in 2019 and currently boasts ten retail outlets in and around Mumbai. During 1st week of November, they opened their latest Outlet near Thakur Village, Kandivali (E.), the third one in western suburbs. Pilgrimaide is dedicated to aiding devotees on their Sacred Journey. With an expanding network of Pilgrimaide Pooja Shoppe stores in Mumbai and Thane, along with our online presence, we aim to cater to

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Hafele’s Illusio Vertical Sliding System

Hafele’s Illusio Vertical Sliding System Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], December 8: The right combination of aesthetics and functionality gives you perfectly designed spaces. While shelving units and midway systems offer the ultimate functionality to your kitchen, systems that enable the possibility of hiding away these units provide obstruction-free access and seamless aesthetics, reducing their visual interference […]


Hindi literature festival `Literaria 2023’  pays rich tribute to Hindi satirist Parsai

Sudhish Pachuari was felicitated by Yatish Kumar at the three-day Litfest – Literaria 2023 – organized by Nilambar in Kolkata Kolkata (West Bengal) [India], December 8: One of the biggest Hindi literary festivals of the eastern region – Literaria 2023 – held at the B C Roy Auditorium in Kolkata was a grand success. The seventh […]


Vikas Prajapat Begins Pre-Production for Romantic Love Story in Uttarakhand

New Delhi (India), December 6: The Indian film industry is abuzz with excitement as renowned film director and producer Vikas Prajapat gears up to kickstart pre-production for his upcoming romantic love story set against the picturesque backdrop of Uttarakhand. Red Leopard Productions, known for their penchant for unique and engaging storytelling, is all set to introduce […]


Hollywood Film Maker and Producer Joey Majumdar and acclaimed Fashion Show Director Liza Varma from India

Hollywood Film Maker and Producer Joey Majumdar and acclaimed Fashion Show Director Liza Varma along with Designer Shantnu Nikhil Champions Indian Sustainable Fashion at COP 28 in Dubai New Delhi (India), December 6: Renowned designers, Shantnu and Nikhil, will be showcasing their sustainable collection designs at The COP 28 mega show to be held on December […]


Discover Opulent Style with Language’s Exquisite Collection of Hand Woven Bags for Women

Jenny Sling Bag Taupe Language Chennai (Tamil Nadu) [India], December 6: Indulge in luxury with Language’s exquisite Bag Collection, meticulously crafted for the discerning woman seeking elegance and functionality in every accessory. These handbags are a blend of premium materials and exquisite artistry, ensuring both style and convenience throughout your day and beyond. Step into […]