Snehmilan – Papa ni pari

October 12: A special snehmilan ceremony was held at Bhavnagar, Gujarat ahead of our main event – Papa ni Pari. Organized by Mr. Suresh Lakhani – a top diamond merchant and philanthropist, Papa ni Pari is a mega mass marriage ceremony where he gets 551 fatherless daughters married in a luxurious fashion regardless of their […]


Learn about the ambitious mind behind Maruti Impex – Mr. Suresh Lakhani

October 12: Mr. Suresh Lakhani, who is affectionately known as “Bhojpara” after his village’s name, is a self-made entrepreneur and philanthropist who have built a successful global business – “Maruti Impex” from scratch. Maruti Impex is one of the largest companies in the world in cut and polished diamonds. He started his business when most […]


National Advocacy Summit on Muscular Dystrophy held by Ayushkama Foundation and PPMD South India on 9th October at New Delhi

New Delhi (India), October 12: Ayushkama Foundation in Collaboration with PPMD South India organized “Muscular Dystrophy: National Advocacy summit 2022″, on 9th of October, Sunday, at India Habitat Center, New Delhi. Both the organizations are a patient and parent advocacy organizations led by Anubha Singhal, Warrior of LGMD & Founder of Ayushkama, and Bhaskar Rajan, […]


Fame Finders Announced The Names Of India’s Top 10 Coaches Of the Year 2022

The Greatest Coaches in Indian history have been at the top of their profession for decades, as well as new-age coaches whose work is impacting the world today. We all know how special our coaches are, but we wanted to find out what makes them great.  Today, Fame Finders has honored and brought out the […]


Sri Vamsi Andukuri – A success reveal by the Techfounder genius

October 12: As a diamond in the world of technology and his marvellous application methodology made Mr. Sri Vamsi Andukuri a successful entrepreneur. He is the Founder and CEO of One Sea Technologies & Founding Member & CTO of the Darts Block Chain. What is blockchain, and how is the technology associated with that? Blockchain […]


Prakash Patel – An entrepreneur who has turned thousands of small/big entrepreneurs into multi-crore businesses. Now he thrives as a big entrepreneur

October 12: The person who stays firm against difficulties definitely gets success. We are talking about the success of Prakash Patel, who was born in Mehsana, a small village in Gujarat. His father passed away in his childhood, and his mother stood firm for him and raised him well. Prakash Patel was good in his […]


We are going to talk about the famous music composer from Jorhat, Assam, Uddipan Sharma

Composing Your Life With Uddipan Sharma October 12: If you think that you should always move with the flow in your life, then you are wrong. To take your life to new heights, you yourself would have to take charge of it and compose it. Today we are going to talk about one such person […]


MICL Group – A legacy of over 5 decades in delivering world-class infrastructure and real estate projects

Mr. Manan Shah, Managing Director of MICL Group Mumbai, October 12: MICL Group, a Mumbai-based pioneer in real estate and infrastructure development, has cemented itself as the leader in innovation, timely delivery, and fostering excellence. Founded in 1964, the Group began its journey with industrial contract projects, including the first private Indian international port – the Nhava […]


Gaurav Kothari Is a Fun Loving Person, And This Attitude of His Helps Him in Getting Better At His Skill

Doing Everything For The Passion: Gaurav Kothari October 12: Nowadays, what we have noticed is people try to take shortcuts even when following their passion and working towards it. Everyone needs everything easy and early, but we all know who gets everything. The person who works really hard and, even after facing a lot of […]