Story of a role model that combined ambition and persistence to achieve success

October 19: The path to success is difficult to develop; you have to encounter a lot of trials and tribulations in this path. Successful people don’t give up in the middle; they learn from their mistakes and use them to improve themselves. Failures give them experience, knowledge, and value while keeping them focused on achieving […]


Wespo: Western Polyrub India Pvt. Ltd.

# TheWespo Wespo is an India based rubber manufacturing company which was incorporated in 1950. Currently, it is serving around 5000+ clients all over the world. This business was initiated by Mr. K.C. Shah in 1958 within a small place. Also Wespo has been evolving itself to expand the business to various industries. Western leads […]

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The man who discovered the birth date of Lord Ram – Pushkar Bhatnagar, IRS

October 19: In recent times a lot has been debated about religion and its authenticity. Hinduism has also had its fair share of claims and doubts coming from different groups of people with different schools of thoughts. The debate on the life of Lord Ram is probably one of the most prominent one out there […]


Harsh bhagat, a 21-year-old young entrepreneur reaching heights

October 19: I’m Harsh Bhagat, and currently, I’m 21 years old; I belong to a business family background, so I was so much involved and interested in Finance from a very small age. Then I started my journey in the Stock Market when I was in 12th standard.  I faced so many struggles in my […]


Ved Anand-led Ease My Vacations Introduces B2B Flight Booking Portal

October 19: Ved Anand-led Ease My Vacations launches – a one-of-its-kind B2B online flight booking platform. At the onset of Diwali, is offering domestic and international flight ticket purchases to its agents and wholesalers. Today, the travel and tourism industry has several verticals to make a profit out of them. B2B is one […]


Trailer release of the film Addiction Directed by Ram Raja Dwivedi, Andy Arora & Aparna Paranjape in the lead role

October 19: The trailer of the film Addiction was released on Sunday evening. The director of the film Ram Raja Dwivedi told that actor Andy Arora and actress Aparna Paranjape will be seen in the lead roles of the film. During the program, the film’s producer and lead actress Aparna Paranjape told that very soon […]


Leveraging the evolving landscape of the security services industry with CISS systems

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], October 19: CISS Services Ltd (CISS) formerly known as Central Investigation And Security Services Limited. CISS Services Ltd has been offering security and facility management services for over 35 years now and has a PAN India presence servicing Public Sector Undertakings, Public Sector Banks, MNCs and the various Corporate Entities. The landscape […]