Nominations open for International Leaders Summit and Awards (ILSA) 22nd January 2023

December 06: The Event that everyone is rooting for -The International Leaders Summit and Awards (ILSA) 2023 – is being organized in New Delhi on 22nd January 2023. People with excellent leadership capabilities deserve recognition for standing out from the crowd for their exceptional service to society, for being able to raise their voices for […]


Inquiry-based Learning in the 21st Century Classroom | Indo Scots Global School in Navi Mumbai

December 06: The classrooms in our schools have evolved with the changing times. The teaching-learning process has seen a marked transformation in resources used, techniques adopted, and strategies applied. The earlier method of the teacher ‘teaching’ facts has given way to the student ‘inquiring’ to explore and understand concepts. This helps to develop skills that […]


Tanmay Bajaj: God-gifted Talent

December 06: Tanmay Bajaj, born on January 26, 2014, in Jalandhar, has a god-gifted talent. Each child is special to his parents, but Tanmay is an extraordinary child who has an inclination towards god. Tanmay has always walked the path of righteousness and imbibed cultural values since birth. His style of reciting mantras speaks volumes about the cultural conditioning that […]


Framed Media Commences its Offline Journey with On-site Office at D21 Corporate Park, Dwarka

Kolkata, West Bengal India, December 6: Delhi-NCR-based digital agency Framed Media has been delivering valuable information across multiple segments of finance as well as technical troubleshooting for the past seven years. They had been operating on a work-from-home model since its inception. The company has made some decent progress in these years, which has motivated them to take […]


The Journey of Harmony India’ touches the heart of Mumbai

December 6: Muslim League (IUML) National Political Advisory Committee Chairman and Kerala state President Panakkad Sayyid Sadiqali Shihab Thangal hosted a harmony conference in the financial capital of the country, marking a new chapter of brotherhood. The Journey of Harmony India touched the heart of Mumbai. After friendly gatherings held in all the districts of […]


Go Alpha Kids introduce Report Cards for Kid’s in Extracurricular Space to Identify Kid’s Talent

December 6: The Kid’s Engagement and Corporate Wellness Platform, Go Alpha Kids Pvt, founded by Chanesh Babu, and Gaurav Oswal, plans to expand its platform globally. Currently they are present in 10+ Cities, 250+ Pre Schools & Trained 25000+ Kids all over India. This platform seeks to ignite a love for sports among kids such […]