Making Their Dreams a Reality

New Delhi (India), January 30: Jintal Shiroya is an example of a student that gained the confidence to pursue her dream of becoming a Chartered Accountant through the Yuva Unstoppable scholarship scheme. Hailing from a family whose average annual income is less than INR 1.50 lac, the pressure and struggle to start adding to the […]


Diagnoeasy Healthtech launches home healthcare services in Kolkata

New Delhi (India), January 30: Indian healthcare industry today is estimated to be worth 372 billion dollars. But due to rising chronic diseases amongst elderly population (close to 70% senior citizens in India today suffer from chronic diseases), irregularities & complications in post hospital release services, need for diagnostic tests at home etc., the market […]


10 Influential People Changing the Game in Their Respective Fields In 2023

10 Influential People Changing The Game In Their Respective Fields In 2023 New Delhi (India), January 30: We the people of India certainly believe that India can disrupt the global content landscape with indigenous stories by staying true to our culture and realities. Here is a list of 10 Influential people changing the game in […]


Who is Satyapal Singh? What is his life story Of Satyapal Singh?

New Delhi (India), January 30: Satyapal Singh is an Indian freelance journalist. Satyapal Singh raises the voice of the public through his own Satyahunkar news portal, Facebook page social media, and YouTube. Life introduction Satyapal Singh was born in a middle-class farmer family in Khalaur village of Bulandshahar district of Uttar Pradesh. After getting his […]


The Farmer’s boy Amol Bhagat directing his dream project Pune to Goa

New Delhi (India), January 30: Our Indian cinema has a wide history which has given many Craftsmen Directors of all time like Satish Ray, Dada Saheb Phalke, and many more who give birth to the cinema. Indian cinema industry embraces the trilogy of Art, Culture, and Cinematography one such director-writer across all the way to […]



January 30: It’s the start of yet another season. The quiet contrasts with the vibrant group gathered online in International Country Canine Club from Delaware, United States Of America for International Award- Asia Edition 2023, fervently praying. As the clock ticks closer to each midnight, The Nomination achieves the Title out of 2000 participants the […]


Amir Rashid Wani : A Young Socialist Who Is Leading A Change In The Country

New Delhi (India), January 30: Amir Rashid Wani, a 23 years old social activist who is determined to make a difference in his community. He has a vision and dream to change the lives of those living in poverty. Amir hopes to help them find a way out of their situation through education and employment.  […]


NeoDove Launches New WhatsApp API for SMEs

New Delhi (India), January 30: NeoDove debuts an exciting new WhatsApp API feature that will enable businesses to communicate effectively and boost business efficiency. NeoDove, India’s leading telecalling CRM and dialer have launched WhatsApp API – said to be the ultimate marketing tool for businesses everywhere. This nifty feature empowers businesses to take their marketing strategy […]


9 Links: The Art and Science of Finding the Right Fit for Your Organization’s Culture and Goals

New Delhi (India), January 30: It all started with a dream, a dream to revolutionize the field of psychometrics in India. Dr. Nivedita Srivastava, a renowned psychometrician and business psychologist, envisioned a world where organizations could truly understand the behavioral skills and cognitive abilities of their employees, beyond just their personality types. And thus, 9 […]


Adani ropes in Mithali Raj as mentor for Women’s Premier League

The team will make its debut in the inaugural season of the women’s premier league under the mentorship of Padma Shri Mithali Raj Adani Sportsline has appointed Mithali Raj, one of the greatest women’s cricketers ever, as mentor and advisor for its team in the Women’s Premier League In this role, Mithali will promote women’s […]