Insane & Co. brings fashion to iPhones with Unique Tech-Infused Jewellery

Insane & Co. introduces fashion accessories for iPhones New Delhi (India), March 6: Insane & Co., a leading luxury jewellery brand, has brought a fashion statement to iPhones by introducing a comprehensive range of tech-infused jewellery that adds a new dimension to fashion accessories. This unique collection is designed to add a touch of glamour to […]


Theajsound’s Alpha Music Label: The Next Big Thing in Independent Indian Pop Music

New Delhi (India), March 06: The Indian Pop music scene has been thriving in recent years, with a growing number of talented artists emerging from the country. One such artist is theajsound, who has been making waves in the industry with his unique sound and heartfelt lyrics. Theajsound began his musical journey in 2013 when he […]


Dr Abdul Rahman Ilyas from India appointed Advisor to ASRT President, Government of Egypt for Technology Innovations and Collaborations

Starting from the left Dr. Amr Faroukh Abdelkhalik, Vice President; Dr. Mahmoud Sakr, President; Dr. Abdul Rahman Ilyas, Advisor to the President, Government of Egypt. New Delhi, (India), March 06: India is a growing economy and Egypt is at a stage of taking off in the Middle East and Africa region. The stark similarities between […]


Founder of INVESMATE, Arunava Chatterjee is designing the best learning solutions for financial market

New Delhi (India), March 6: The turmoil of Newish has taken the world by storm. From agriculture to zen, from supplies to demands, whereas Mars is no longer impervious to Earth, how could there be “money wisdom”? – The most treasured knowledge of human life! That was the Eureka moment for an entrepreneurial mind that […]


“EduTech Startups would play a crucial Role in modern schooling”, says Amit Agrawal, founder of OckyPocky

New Delhi (India), March 6: Under Amit’s leadership, team OckyPocky has registered phenomenal growth and have become one of the India’s #1 trending education app on Google Play Store. Though Amit says, “credit goes to our investors who believed in my vision, my team that is helping me translate my vision into a reality, and […]


Another Initiative by the Best NGO of Delhi: Helping All, is on its way to help unprivileged people dealing with corona

New Delhi (India), March 6: To help people in need, Helping All is Delhi’s top non-governmental organisation (NGO) that has spent years diligently working to better people’s lives. They put much effort into providing underprivileged children and people access to food, schooling, livelihood (especially for women), clothing, and gender equality. After March 2020, the world as […]