A millennial-led, 5-year young digital marketing agency with 500+ clients across the globe

New Delhi (India), November 3: Internet Marketing plays an essential role for any brand and in today’s world if the business is not digital then maybe it hasn’t yet unlocked its maximum potential. WOWIT Digital is here to make just that happen for startups who haven’t yet discovered the digital world. Digital Marketing is a one-stop solution that […]


SKYTICK: Empowering Women, Elevating Style

New Delhi (India), November 3: In the dynamic world of fashion, where trends are fleeting, SKYTICK stands tall, bespoke label, empowering style and elegance. Since its inception in September 2021, SKYTICK has carved a niche for itself as a mass premium range women’s fashion brand, redefining the way women perceive themselves and their attire. Rooted in […]


Needledust X Abhinav Mishra

A collaboration built on love and friendship New Delhi (India), November 3: This festive season is all set to see the spectacular unveiling of a first-of-its-kind collection between two young & dynamic designers and the celebratory space they’re leading at! Two contemporary design houses have come together to launch an expansive festive & wedding collection covering […]


BA in Journalism and Mass Comm: Skills Required, Career Opportunities and Job Roles

Dr. Ruchika Gupta, dean BJMC NIU New Delhi(India), November 3: In this information-driven world, rapid digitalisation can be seen in all sectors. The role is more critical when it comes to journalism and mass communication. Students pursuing a degree in Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Mass Communication get a unique opportunity that opens doors to […]


Chicago Pizza’s Global Triumph with Zomato Ad Featuring Ranveer Singh and Chris Gayle

New Delhi (India), November 3: Chicago Pizza, the renowned pizzeria chain, has not only taken the culinary world by storm but has now achieved a global footprint of over 200 branches. The brainchild of Founder & CEO Mr. Vishal Kapur, this milestone marks a testament to the brand’s relentless commitment to serving delicious and authentic […]


Geonix commences major ‘Tech CSR’ initiative nationally

The Geonix team, with NGO partners, donating multiple Geonix computers to a girl’s orphanage in Delhi (above), and an academy for underprivileged children (below) New Delhi (India), November 3: Geonix, a fast-growing computer components brand, has emerged as a leading corporate philanthropist and a major exponent of Tech-Driven Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Geonix’s nationwide CSR […]


Step into Royalty: Weaving Mystery Unveils Luxurious Hand-Woven Home Décor and Wearable Collection Inspired by Kashmiri Heritage

New Delhi (India), November 3: Weaving Mystery, a leading home décor brand, announces its grand entrance into the world of opulent living, offering an exclusive range of hand-woven products inspired by the rich heritage of Kashmir. Elevating homes with timeless elegance, Weaving Mystery presents a collection that embodies the essence of ancient aristocratic décor, transporting […]


Navi Mumbai in Maharashtra as a whole possesses the salient features of North Indian Society which takes pride in its diversity and Unity – Shubha Chandra Mishra

Shubh Chandra Mishra and the first Mayor of Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation Sanjeev Ganesh Naik, lighting the lamp in the program of Bihar Jharkhand Residents Welfare Association Navi Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India],  November 3: Maharashtra is the Workplace state for North Indians, and its cultural and social diversity is particularly unique. In Maharashtra, people of different castes, […]


Nvron Life Science Limited to celebrate its 10 years of existence with Unveiling New Healthcare Technologies

Nvron Life Science: A Decade of Innovation in Healthcare New Delhi (India), November 2: Nvron Life Science Limited, an innovative pharmaceutical company, is celebrating its 10th anniversary with the launch of a collection of cutting-edge technologies. Since its inception in 2013, the company has stood by its commitment to improving the lives of patients by advancing […]


Industrial Waste: A Comprehensive Guide

Chennai (Tamil Nadu) [India], November 2: In today’s rapidly evolving industrial landscape, the production and consumption of goods have reached unprecedented levels. With this surge in economic activity comes a consequential byproduct – industrial waste. We, as industry experts, recognize the pressing need to unravel the intricacies of industrial waste to facilitate informed decision-making and […]