Senchou App by Akash Dhupar: Revolutionizing Esports Scoring on a Global Scale

New Delhi (India), November 28: Akash Dhupar, founder of the National Esports Database (NED) Gaming, introduces Senchou App, the world’s first competitive gaming scoring network. With an expansive reach in over 150 countries, Senchou is set to redefine esports scoring, offering unparalleled opportunities for players and organizations alike. Key Features of Senchou App: 1. Global Impact: […]


Innovative Louver Designs: Pushing Boundaries with WPC in Architectural Applications

Pondicherry (India), November 28: Louvers are an essential part of modern architecture, providing a stylish and functional way to control light, ventilation, and privacy. Although a variety of materials, such as wood, metal, and plastic, have been used in the construction of conventional louvers, newly emerging innovative designs use WPC (wood–plastic composite) to create even more versatile […]


Navigating Your Choices – Ownership vs. Rental

Pondicherry (India), November 28: When it comes to housing, most people favor ownership over renting. They see ownership as an investment and renting as an act of throwing money away. However, in the debate on ownership vs. rental, the answer is much more complex than a one-size-fits-all approach. You must navigate your choices to understand […]


From Pageantry to Purpose: Alisshaa’s Journey as an Education Activist

New Delhi (India), November 28: Alisshaa Ohri, a name synonymous with beauty, grace, and intelligence, has transcended the world of pageantry and glamour to champion a cause that holds immense significance to her: education. Her journey began with a profound realisation: education is not just a privilege but a fundamental right and a key to unlocking […]


Delhi Welcomes the World to the Pythian Games: A Global Celebration of Arts and Sports after 1630 years

Participation of Over 20 Countries setting the Stage for the Historical Revival of Pythian Games at Tyagaraj Stadium from 19-21st December 2023 New Delhi (India), November 28: The International Pythian Council is honoured to invite world leaders, athletes, artists, and spectators to witness this historic event in Delhi. The Games will not only provide a platform […]


Sogra’s Fashion Journey: Soaring from Airlines to Hyderabad’s Glamorous Runway

New Delhi (India), November 28: In the bustling city of Hyderabad, where tradition dances with modernity, emerges a fashion luminary – Sogra. Initially navigating the skies as an airline staff member, Sogra has seamlessly transitioned into a captivating fashion icon. Her story unfolds in the vibrant tapestry of numerous photoshoots, where she effortlessly blends traditional elegance […]


India Property Dekho Launches Game-Changing Website, Revolutionizing Real Estate with 1,00,000 Plus Listings

Mr. Dharmander Saini, Co-Founder, India Property Dekho New Delhi (India), November 28: India Property Dekho Launches New Website to Revolutionize the Real Estate Market. India Property Dekho, a leading online real estate platform, with over 1,00,000+ properties listed on the website, India Property Dekho aims to revolutionize the way people buy, rent, or sell residential and commercial […]


Thought Leader Sandhya Prakash unveils a Riveting Tale of Resilience in her first book “Shifting Sands of Saudi”

[New Delhi, India] Debut Author Sandhya Prakash was thrilled to announce the release of her work of fiction, “Shifting Sands of Saudi.” Set against the backdrop of 1990s Saudi Arabia, this captivating novel delves into the challenges faced by the protagonist, Saakshi, as she navigates the complexities of the era. “Shifting Sands of Saudi” is an expatriate’s account […]


ChargеU’s Meteoric Ascent The Essence of Simplified Digital Payments

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], November 28:  Tеchnological changе, еncompassing thе intricatе procеss of invеntion, innovation, and thе diffusion of tеchnologiеs, plays a pivotal rolе in shaping our modеrn world. It involvеs not only thе crеation and commеrcialization of tеchnologiеs but also thеir continuous improvеmеnt and widеsprеad adoption. This multifacеtеd phеnomеnon is dееply rootеd in sociеtal dynamics, […]


Meet Ravi Kumar Yadav – The Hope for Serlingampally’s Socioeconomic Turnaround

Ravi Kumar Yadav – A few glimpses of his work and untouchable spirit  New Delhi (India), November 28: Ravi Kumar Yadav, born on May 17, 1981, in Hyderabad, is a dedicated leader continuing his family’s legacy of positively impacting lives. As the State Executive Member from Telangana, he brings together a strong foundation in grassroots connections […]