Scaling Up Client’s Business: Empowering Growth with RiteStint’s Talent Acquisition Solutions

New Delhi (India), February 6: Growth. It’s the fuel that propels businesses forward, driving innovation, expanding markets, and achieving ambitious goals. But reaching for the next level often presents a critical challenge: finding the right talent. In today’s dynamic business landscape, acquiring skilled professionals who seamlessly integrate into Client’s team and accelerate Client’s growth can […]


Rajasthan’s Education Department launches ‘Bounce of Joy’ – an education through Sports program in partnership with STAIRS Foundation

A CSR initiative of ITC Jaipur (Rajasthan) [India], February 6: In a transformative move for sports development, the Education Department of Rajasthan Government, in collaboration with STAIRS Foundation, a National Sports Promotion Organization (NSPO) and supported by ITC, has launched “Bounce of Joy,” an innovative education through sports program. This strategic partnership underscores a collective commitment […]


Familycare Consumer Pvt Ltd Celebrates Historic 100 Cr Sales Milestone in January 2024

New Delhi (India), February 6: Familycare Consumer Pvt Ltd, a pioneering bootstrapped company in the baby care and hygiene sectors, proudly announces a groundbreaking achievement: achieving a remarkable 100 Cr in sales in January 2024. Bumtum by Familycare Consumer Pvt Ltd is industry’s first bootstrap success story, which marks a significant milestone as the first business to […]


Man, From Jaipur Added “Engineer” To His Tinder Bio, What Happened Next Will Shock You

New Delhi (India), February 6: A man from Jaipur reported a significant surge in his Tinder matches after he added “Software Engineer with 5 years of experience” in his Tinder bio. Aman, the Linkedin user, disclosed the findings of his social experiment in a post that’s gaining traction on the platform. Tinder, an online dating […]


Lither is Making Crypto Safe, Fun, and Profitable for Everyone!

In the fast-paced world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, there’s a new player on the block called Lither Blockchain. It’s stepping into the game with some big ideas for the future of online Blockchain gaming, finance, and even making real-world assets like houses and cars digital on the blockchain. This is based on a legacy technology […]


Empowering Communities, One Opportunity at a Time: Pravin Chandan’s Mission for a Prosperous India

New Delhi (India), February 6: In the dynamic realm of business, Pravin Chandan emerges as a versatile business consultant, an innate marketer, and a highly successful entrepreneur. Going beyond individual achievements, his mission is to empower communities and contribute to the prosperity of India. Widely recognized as a sought-after mentor in the Direct Selling Industry, Pravin […]


CamCom announces strategic partnership with Oona Insurance to enhance auto insurance assessments using Artificial Intelligence

Mahesh Subramanian, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of CamCom with Sourabh Chatterjee, Group Chief Technology Officer of Oona Insurance Bengaluru/Jakarta [India/Indonesia], February 6: CamCom, the pioneers in leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) and associated technologies in the visual inspection process, announced its strategic partnership with Oona Insurance, the leading digital general insurance platform in South East […]


Unveiled: The Second Edition of Chivas Glassware presented FDCI INDIA MEN’S WEEKEND in association with HSBC!

Goa (India), February 6: The Fashion Design Council of India (FDCI)hosted this distinguished event at the historic Port and Jail Complex in Sinquerim, Goa on the 3rd and 4th February, 2024. Building on the success of the inaugural show, this year’s edition promised to be a celebration of India’s finest menswear designers, converging at the […]


Tech Meets Tone: Smart Gym Gadgets that Take Your Workouts to the Next Level

Chennai (Tamil Nadu) [India], February 6: In the fast-paced world of fitness, where technology and health seamlessly converge, smart gym gadgets are revolutionizing the way we approach our workouts. The fitness landscape is evolving, and with the rise of online shopping for gym equipment in India, enthusiasts now have the convenience of transforming their homes into personalized […]