Aspect Group Launches Aspect Sports with a Vision to Revolutionize the Sports Industry

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], February 11: Aspect Group is proud to announce the launch of Aspect Sports, a dynamic new vertical dedicated to transforming the sports industry and fostering grassroots talent and innovation. This strategic move marks Aspect Group’s entry into the exciting world of sports, adding a new dimension to its portfolio of diverse sectors. […]


Voice Of Crypto Building the Web3 Creator Economy with VitaminI

New Delhi (India), February 11: Since Web3 has established itself in the recent past, most marketers working here are those who hail from other industries. They bring traditional approaches and fail to understand some of the basic principles and trends of Web3. To understand how marketing in web3 works, it’s crucial to realise that Web3 has […]


Happyfares Takes the Lead in Revolutionizing Online Travel Booking in India

New Delhi [India], February 11: In the dynamic landscape of online travel booking in India, one platform rises above the rest – Happyfares. More than just a booking platform, Happyfares is the key to unlocking savings and unparalleled convenience when it comes to booking flight tickets. Happyfares proudly asserts itself as the ultimate destination for travelers […]


The Philanthropic Maestro: Dr. Shankar Andani’s Inspiring Saga of Social Impact

New Delhi [India], February 11: In the dynamic world of Chartered Accountancy, Dr. Shankar Andani emerges not only as an astute financial wizard but as a compassionate harbinger of positive change. With a career spanning 16 illustrious years, Dr. Andani has seamlessly woven together his financial prowess with an unyielding dedication to social causes, sculpting […]