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Safeguarding Health During Mango Season: A Surgeon’s Warning Against Artificial Ripening and Adulteration

By Dr. Ajesh Raj Saksena, Senior Consultant Surgical Oncologist, Apollo Hospitals, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad New Delhi (India), April 3: As the mango season approaches, anticipation and eagerness fill the air, with families and fruit lovers looking forward to enjoying the “king of fruits.” However, this excitement often overshadows a grave concern that threatens not just […]


Anjali Kapoor A Trailblazer in Beauty, Entrepreneurship, Jewellery Designer and Fashion

New Delhi (India), April 3: Anjali Kapoor, a name synonymous with grace, entrepreneurship, and style, continues to captivate audiences worldwide with her indomitable spirit and remarkable achievements. From claiming the coveted title of Miss Graceful at the Maven Plus Size Beauty Pageant to being recognized as one of the Top 10 Best Entrepreneurs by Femina Magazine, […]


Exploring the Benefits of Organic Farming for Health and Environment

Chennai (Tamil Nadu) [India], Apirl 3: The fruit and vegetable section at a supermarket has some organic products. They are priced higher than the non-organic produce, but they look similar. What is the cause of this difference? What is organic farming, and how it benefits human health and the environment? Pravin Chandan, a well-known mentor […]


Ready to take your fitness to the next level? Discover the home gym equipment that gets serious results

New Delhi (India), April 3: In today’s fast-paced world, staying fit and healthy has become more crucial than ever. With busy schedules and unpredictable circumstances, the convenience of having a home gym is unparalleled. But with a plethora of options available, it can be overwhelming to choose the right home gym equipment that not only […]


Unlocking Love’s Enigma, A Conversation with the Author of a Captivating Romantic Mystery

New Delhi (India), April 3: Nikita Pandey, author of ‘The Day I Live For’ is not only a young software engineer but also deeply passionate about writing and storytelling. Making her debut in the literary world with this captivating fiction novel, Nikita introduces readers to a romantic mystery that promises an unforgettable journey. Through her meticulous attention […]


Pramod Maloo, the crazy fan from Kolkata shares life lessons from SRK’s journey

Pramod Maloo, the Jabra fan from Kolkata also Founder & CEO of a prominent digital marketing agency, was one of the glib speakers in the PechaKucha Night, Season 3 of Kolkata Chapter. The event took place on March 22, 2024, at Spring Club. Maloo’s diary of a SRK fan won and stole hearts.  Kolkata (West […]


Al Khomri Co from Saudi Arabia Joins Asian Travel Expo as Featured Sponsor

New Delhi (India), April 3: The Asian Travel Expo is proud to announce the partnership with Al-Khomri Hotels, Hajj, and Umrah Company, a distinguished institution in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s pilgrimage and hospitality sector. Since its establishment in 1405 AH (1985 AD), Al-Khomri has been recognized as a trusted entity, holding a permit (No. […]


Forever Living Products (India) Collaborated with Nitya Foundation for a Successful Medical Outreach program in Jaipur

Jaipur (Rajasthan) [India], April 3: Forever Living Products (India) recently conducted a highly successful medical camp at Katputhli Nagar in Jaipur. Partnering with the Nitya Foundation, an ISO 9001-2008 certified organization dedicated to providing resource-based education and fostering academic growth and development, the medical camp aimed to extend healthcare services to the underprivileged sections of […]


Spiritual Heights, Helicopter Yatra Opens Doors to Adi Kailash, Om Parvat

Noida (Uttar Pradesh) [India], April 3: Embarking on a groundbreaking journey to enhance religious tourism, the Uttarakhand Tourism Development Board (UTDB) in collaboration with Noida-based Trip to Temples launched the country’s inaugural helicopter yatra to Adi Kailash and Om Parvat on Monday. This pioneering endeavour aims to broaden accessibility to these sacred sites, transcending seasonal […]

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Eagle Battle Gaming Platform set to integrate Non-Fungible Tokens

New Delhi (India), April 3: Eagle Battle Gaming, a leading player in the gaming industry, has announced a groundbreaking development that promises to redefine the gaming landscape. The company is set to integrate Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) into its gaming platform, marking a significant leap forward in the intersection of blockchain technology and gaming. NFTs, which […]