Water Woman Shipra leads a plantation drive with 300 villagers on the bank of Narmada

Water Woman Shipra leading villagers of Kalgi Tola India, September 6: Water Woman Shipra Pathak’s inspiring efforts electrified an entire village of 300 tribal residents resulting in planting 300 plants in the record time of half an hour at Kalgi Tola, situated on the banks of Narmada River. With the assistance of an entire village in […]


Global Digital Technology Token (GDTT) – a new age of tech crypto

Edinburgh [UK], September 6: The Global Digital Technology Token (GDTT) ecosystem is a new development format for tech start-ups and innovative projects, whose economic model is based on crypto and blockchain technologies, monetization, and tokenization. As well as businesses that are looking for international promotion and support. GDTT’s future prediction is to reach 1 million […]


BSE IPF and SheThePeople partner to build InvestHER, and bring financial literacy solutions for women

New Delhi (India), September 6: Financial freedom is the first step towards women’s empowerment. Women constitute half of India’s population but get almost no encouragement when it comes to financial freedom, investment independence and money matters. Part of what holds them back is the fact that companies while launching financial products don’t pay enough attention […]


Virtual Digital Technology Token (VDTT), New Revolutionary Metaverse Platform to Change the World

New York (USA), September 6: Many individuals would only see a virtual environment where they could engage and explore when they conceive of a metaverse. But in VDTT’s opinion, a Metaverse shouldn’t just be a single location controlled by a single entity. The Metaverse is intended to be a collection of interconnected, interoperable digital environments […]