The Hearth Kitchen seem to be among the first to shrug off Pandemic Blues in the food services market

Kochi: It was in the peak time of corona that Four likeminded Youngsters came in together to start a cloud kitchen as food was the only industry which was open, with the motto “Authenticity, International standard, Integrity, Connecting our customers to real food, and Ultimately Customer delight.” Within a short time, the cloud kitchen developed into an eatery and relocated to the most desirable location in Kerala, Panampilly Nagar, on March 1st, 2022, with a 40-seat facility. In no time, The Hearth Kitchen has become a brand to trust for authentic Italian wood-fired pizza. Pizza is available under the brand name WoodKraft Pizza, and Coffee is available under the brand name Sinsss.

Chef Rajeev, with a solid 20 years of global experience in Germany, France, Italy and the Middle East, created the Pizza.

The other team members Vijay Chandra Bose who is a seasonal entrepreneur, Anil Koshy, with a strong telecom background and Anoop Bose, with international exposure in projects, ensured that The Hearth Kitchen today is one of the most sought Pizzas Joint in Kochi.

Chef Rajeev says that “Till time, we were focused on ensuring SOP which is done successfully and we are prepared to expand across”.

The secret recipe, special in-house-made seasonings etc., makes The Hearth Kitchen pizza unique.

“Expansion is planned in other locations of Kerala in franchisee mode, Kakanad being the first, and we have enquiries from Hyderabad, Chennai, other states and also one from US and Malaysia,” says Vijay Chandra Bose with excitement.

Quality ingredients, well-trained staff and a wonderful ambience have ensured customer delight, which in turn builds the brand.

“As a team, we are confident that The hearth Kitchen will reach our vision of being a global brand in the food industry,” says Anil Koshy.

“With a well laid down SOP, Staff training support and standardisation, we have ensured that anyone with or without knowledge of the food industry or new to business can associate with The Hearth Kitchen as a franchisee and do good, profitable business,” says Anoop Bose.

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