Men’s Fashion Magazine India

Ahmedabad (Gujarat) [India], December 26: The area of tom, dick & harry is filled with the pre-defined definition of fashion and style, somewhere the idea of innovation is dying with the trend, and innovators failed to display the real essence of fashion and style with a lot of excuses or obstacles. The black hole becomes […]


Is Nostradamus Prediction for 2023 is right or wrong? About country, world and business by Astrologer Dharmikshree

New Delhi (India), December 26: As a vedic Astrologer i am not agree with the prediction of Nostradamus and every buddy know that in last 20 year 50-60% of Nostradamus prediction are wrong, and if i see the horoscope and planets situation for 2023 Nostradamus prediction again proves false as in last decade happen. So […]


Trailer launch of India’s Fastest shot feature film “Rudra – the Power”

New Delhi (India), December 26: The trailer of India’s Fastest shot feature film “Rudra – the Power” has been launched. The film shall be released on various OTT platforms. This film is shot in just 4 days!!! The trailer of Rudra – the Power trailer is launched at IMPPA (Indian Motion Pictures Producers’ Association) at Andheri […]


Toyam Sports Limited becomes one of the official sponsors of the World Tennis League 2022

New Delhi (India), December 26: Toyam Sports Limited (TSL) is pleased to announce that the company, through its soon-to-be subsidiary Pacific Star Sports Services LLC, has become one of the official sponsors for the World Tennis League 2022, Dubai. The 2022 World Tennis League is a non-ATP/WTA-affiliated exhibition, mixed-gender team, tennis tournament. It is the […]


Wonder Mom Season 2 by Motherhood Club- An initiative to Honour Mothers having a unique journey

New Delhi (India), December 26: Motherhood Club(MHC) celebrated Wonder Mom Season 2 awards and a mesmerizing poetic evening on 22nd December 2022. The online award event was held to felicitate 31 Wonder moms and 20  Super moms from all over India and Abroad for their inspirational journey as mothers.  Wonder mom season 2 was opened by […]