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Acrylic or PVC Laminate The Better Finish

Chennai (Tamil Nadu) [India], November 18: Here’s a quick guide to help you pick between Acrylic and PVC Laminate. You could have the best materials and the best guys on the job for your home interior design project, but it really comes down to one thing – the finish. Woodwork is an essential part of Indian households, for its cost-effectiveness, durability, and premium aesthetic. But the final outlook can be worlds apart based on the laminate you choose. In the below section, we have explained the difference between both laminates, how to choose them and their cost advantage.

What is Acrylic Laminate?

Acrylic is a type of lacquer that must be coated onto the woodwork to provide a glossy finish. They reflect light beautifully providing a rich shine across cabinets. Additionally, the reflective surfaces make a space appear larger and more opulent.

What is PVC Laminate?

PVC laminates are sheets made of polyvinyl chloride, a strong, durable, plastic compound, that can withstand wear and tear. Their flexibility also puts them a notch above regular laminates, as they can be bent at ninety-degree angles requiring less glue and enabling a cleaner finish. 

How to choose the right finish?

Your choice of finish should always depend on the function of the element. Depending on the room that the interior decorators install in the woodwork, you may want to have a different aesthetic or choose based on the amount of usage.

  • Kitchen: Modular kitchens are a great place to mix and match finishes. Opt for a glossy, acrylic finish for your top cabinets, and PVC laminates for the bottom ones that see more usage, spills, etc.
  • Wardrobe: With printed/textured options in PVC laminates, it might be the right choice for a bedroom with a lot of other wooden textures. However, if you have a pristine theme with mirrors, you may want to opt for an acrylic finish.
  • Bathroom Cabinets: Wet hands are a bathroom cabinet’s best friend. So, it’s probably best to choose PVC laminates.
  • Display Units: Printed PVC laminates are a great way to add form to your functional display units. Since these are usually bulky, you may not have any space left for simple decor; so just double down! If you have more glass accents in your unit, consider a combination of PVC and acrylic.

The Cost Advantage

PVC Laminates offer the advantage of durability and extreme scratch resistance at a fraction of the cost of acrylics. However, once the top layer wears out, laminates must be replaced entirely, while acrylics can be touched up. This adds to the long-term maintenance cost of laminates.

Now that you have all the information, make the choice that works best for your needs. If you still feel overwhelmed, reach out to the best interior designers in Chennai for a quick consultation.


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