Nimisha Parekh Makes Her Mark In Asia Book Of Records With ‘Mehndikrit Ramayana’

Mehndikrit Ramayana” by Nimisha Parekh from Surat showcases 51 key events from the epic Ramayana depicted in intricate mehndi designs using the Warli art

Surat (Gujarat) [India], May 6: Surat’s artistic talent continues to shine on the national and international stage. Nimisha Parekh, a renowned mehndi artist and Co-founder of “Mehndi culture,” has secured a place in the Asia Book of Records for her unique creation, “Mehndikrit Ramayana.”

Parekh’s “Mehndikrit Ramayana” showcases 51 key events from the epic Ramayana depicted in intricate mehndi designs using the Warli art style on the hands of 51 women from Surat. This visually stunning presentation garnered widespread attention and appreciation.

Inspired by the grand inauguration of the Ram Mandir in Ayodhya, Ms Parekh sought a unique way to pay homage to Lord Rama and Sita. Impressed by the magnificence of Ram Mandir, Nimishaben decided to present different events of Ramayana in the form of Mehndi with the concept of presenting her mehndi art at the feet of Lord Ramji with some new creation.

Ms Parekh’s vision involved portraying 51 chapters of Ramayana, from Rama’s birth and childhood to his exile, Sita’s abduction, the epic battles with Ravana, and finally, Rama’s triumphant return to Ayodhya, all meticulously crafted in mehndi using Warli art motifs.This innovative concept resonated not only within India but also abroad. This unique planning attracted more attention in the country and abroad.

Elated by the recognition, Ms Parekh expressed her devotion and faith in her creation. “My devotion and faith towards Lord Ram and Mother Sita in ‘Mehendikrit Ramayana’ was presented in the form of mehndi on the hand of a Rama devotee sister,” she said. “I am feeling very proud as my art gets a place and honor in the Asia Book of Records and this unique program is recognized at the global level.”

Ms Parekh further extended her gratitude to all who supported her artistic journey and cooperated in this journey of her love and respect for Mehndi.

It’s worth noting that Nimisha is a pioneer in incorporating the Warli art style into mehndi designs. It is also to be noted here that Warli Art was first presented in the form of Mehndi by her. This innovative approach earned her international recognition, with appreciation pouring in from America, London, and other parts of the world.

The Asia Book of Records serves as a platform to celebrate exceptional talent across Asia. It recognizes individuals who demonstrate unique skills and passion in various fields, including culture, creativity, technology, and physical achievements. Nimisha Parekh’s “Mehndikrit Ramayana” exemplifies this spirit of artistic innovation and cultural reverence, adding another shining chapter to Surat’s artistic legacy.