Indian Startup Revolutionizes Document Management for Businesses

Pune (Maharashtra) [India], May 20: Experts estimate that the market size for Document Management Systems (DMS) in India will grow significantly. The current global stats project that the compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 14.5% will reach $14.82 billion by 2029. 

Businesses today must operate smoothly, adapting to globalisation and remote work. Innovative solutions like ZoopSign, an Indian startup help businesses with their document ecosystem solutions.

In simple terms, a document ecosystem is a digital environment that helps with creating and managing documents. It shows how to do things and handle documents safely, making it easier for businesses to work better and faster. This ecosystem integrates various modules into a single workspace, such as electronic signatures, contract management, detailed insights, smart storage, eStamps, custom templates and more.

The inadequacies of manual document management are too many. About 46% of employees in small and medium-sized businesses waste time every day because of inefficient document handling. This means that almost half of the employees in these businesses are not using their time efficiently.

Here are the common struggles a business faces in managing documents:

  • Inefficient approval and document process that eventually delays important operations in the long term.
  • Security risks associated with manual documentation that lead to signature and document fraud.
  • Compliance issues can lead to legal complications.
  • Inadequate collaboration barriers can affect the work environment and the productivity of employees.

With the innovation of top document ecosystems, Indian businesses can now rectify these pain points. Indian businesses are fortunate to have innovative solutions like ZoopSign that address this problem. This platform offers solutions that digitize and automate document workflows. Right from legal compliance to better collaborations, ZoopSign provides legally binding signature options along with document analytics and more. 

A few highlights of choosing document management software are:

  • Aadhaar eSign: With digital innovation comes the threat of digital fraud. But with solutions like Aadhaar eSign, documents attain the utmost security that is legally binding. Recipients can only sign documents with their Aadhaar number verification. Providing an advanced security feature for users.
  • Review Flows: With this feature, multiple stakeholders can collaborate at the same time in the document review process. It makes approving things easier and faster, helping teams make decisions together more quickly and efficiently. 
  • Document Analytics: This tool offers valuable insights into how organizations use documents. The system tracks document views and signings. This information helps businesses make better decisions. They can analyze document activity.
  • Templates: Users can use a range of pre-designed document templates to create new documents quickly. These templates help maintain a consistent look and feel across all company documents, saving time and ensuring brand consistency.
  • Bulk Signing: With bulk signing, users can sign multiple documents in one go. This is very helpful for businesses. It helps them deal with a lot of documents. It saves the time and effort needed for signing.
  • eStamp: This feature provides a digital alternative to traditional stamp paper or physical stamps. It is legally accepted. It can be used to quickly pay stamp duty. Stamp duty is often needed for official documents in India.
  • Document Storage: Some platforms offer secure cloud storage for documents, so users can store and access them from anywhere. This ensures that documents stay safe and can be easily retrieved without risking loss or damage.
  • MS Word: A few platforms work well with Microsoft Word. This simplifies document creation and management for users familiar with working in Word. This allows for a smooth transition from traditional document handling to digital management within a familiar interface.

The features discussed above represent a range of functionalities offered by leading document ecosystem platforms. These features can empower Indian businesses to streamline workflows, enhance document security, and improve overall efficiency.

ZoopSign is a document ecosystem platform that provides an advanced suite of features, including those mentioned previously. Indian businesses seeking a secure and efficient solution for document management can find ZoopSign to be a strong contender in the market.

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