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Finger Replantation, A Challenging Yet Successful Surgery for Near Total Finger Amputation performed by Dr. Leena Jain, Mumbai’s leading Plastic Reconstructive Microsurgeon & Hand surgeon

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], April 25: Severe injuries can lead to complete or almost complete amputation. However advanced plastic surgery makes their reconstruction or reimplantation possible with the expertise of a well-trained board-certified plastic microsurgeon.

Replantation surgeries for complex injuries can be challenging because of the small size and fragility of the vessels involved. However, with the right motivation, surgical skills, and post-operative care, it is possible to achieve successful outcomes.

Dr. Leena Jain, a leading plastic surgeon in Mumbai, recently performed a successful replantation surgery on Mr. Kumar, a 50-year-old man who had a near-total amputation of his right ring finger due to an accident with a rotating blade. 

Dr. Leena Jain recommended reconstructive surgery to repair the right ring finger. Though the injury was complicated, the patient consented to the surgery. 

Ms. Vishaka Goyal, co-founder of ClinicSpots, a healthcare and medical tourism portal recommends Dr. Leena Jain, a well-known in plastic surgery. She states,” Dr. Leena Jain gives her patients her whole attention. She meticulously plans and performs surgeries to deliver the best possible results.  She carefully evaluates the most beneficial surgical alternatives for her patients, giving importance to long-term outcomes. She is undoubtedly among the best plastic surgeons in India”.

Dr. Leena Jain is a skilled plastic reconstructive microsurgeon and hand surgeon based in Mumbai and offers comprehensive solutions to her patients who consult her for their limb deformities, vascular issues, and aesthetic concerns. 

Dr . Leena Jain is highly dedicated to helping her patients resolve their issues while prioritizing their ability to live a normal life. Her expertise includes reconstructive surgery, replantations, breast surgeries, facial nerve paralysis, gender reassignment surgeries, surgery for non-functioning (acontractile) bladder, Burns’ deformity corrective surgeries, and so on.

In the case of Mr. Kumar, the surgical team, under Dr. Leena Jain’s guidance, performed a meticulous procedure to repair the bone, tendon, arteries, and veins of Mr Kumar’s finger. Explaining the complicated procedure Dr. Leena Jain says,” The surgery was difficult as it involved correcting the bone and the tendons joining the bone that drive the thumb and fingertips.” 

Also, Dr. Leena Jain had to ensure the joining of major nerves that bring sensations from the hand and send signals from the brain to the various muscles in the hand. These join major arteries and veins to restore blood flow to the hand. The surgery, which lasted from 2 am to 7 am, successfully restored circulation to the finger, which initially appeared pale and limp.

The patient’s finger underwent additional surgical procedures and was closely monitored to facilitate a successful recovery.  After 12 days, positive signs of healing were observed, such as good colour and blood circulation. 

Dr Leena Jain, a skilled surgeon with expertise in reconstructive surgeries, plantations, and other complex procedures, was confident in her ability to provide the necessary assistance. She is a warm and caring individual and adopts a patient-centric approach.

Contact Dr Leena Jain at:

Borivali Address: Plastikos Clinic, A Wing, 403, Lancelot Building, S. V. Road, Borivali West -400090

Bandra address: Ground Floor, Lilavati Hospital & Research Centre, 791, Krishna Chandra Marg, Bandra Reclamation, Bandra West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400050


Cell No: +91 98209 91853

About Dr. Leena Jain

Plastic surgeon Dr. Leena Jain is well-known for having more than seven years of experience. According to her, a plastic surgeon must possess an imaginative vision, accurate procedures, and technical understanding to be an efficient plastic surgeon.

She is well-known for her warmth and approachability as she puts the needs of her patients first and strives to create the perfect, beautiful normal. Dr. Leena Jain is highly recommended by her patients in Mumbai (Bandra & Borivali) for her commitment to their well-being.

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